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MediLinks: Our inpatient rehabilitation solution designed to seamlessly integrate with your host EHR to help you efficiently treat your patients, stay compliant and maximize IRF-PAI reimbursement.

MediLinks doesn’t just offer a list of features, it automates the entire rehab workflow to deliver the right results for you and your patients. Comprehensive integration and interoperability work seamlessly in conjunction your host EHR. It’s built to help your therapists and clinicians do the right thing at the right time for the right reason, and that means a facility that runs better and generates better results. For more than 25 years inpatient rehab providers have trusted Mediware to be well-prepared for CMS changes with content, training, guidance and software updates.

Hear what our clients have to say about MediLinks

“Initially we saw a change in how our FIM scores looked. Now the product continues to meet our needs, and we don’t have to look for any other ways to have things taken care of. When new regulations come up, the solution is there.”

Laurie Lehnhof-Watts
Assistant Administrator


Expedite preadmission and reduce the risk of denials

Mediware has pioneered a better preadmission process that ensures your team meets the strict timelines demanded by CMS. From built-in alerts that notify you of key deadlines to mobile tools that let your physicians approve patients for admission using their smart phones, you will always stay compliant and protect your reimbursement on every admission.

Protect your IRF from the audit trap

Audits are a fact of life.  There are more than 40 ways Medicare can deny your claim for technical compliance failures.  A survey of recent MAC audits shows denial rates ranging from 30% to 75%. MediLinks gives you confidence that the audit trap won’t consume your hard-earned reimbursements. You lock in checks and balances to reduce the risk of denials. And when you are audited, you can remain confident your actions will stand up to the highest level of scrutiny.

Optimize your FIM™ scoring and boost reimbursement by up to $3,000 per patient*

You may find that many of your functional scores are either inconsistent, inaccurate, or both. It seems no two clinicians do it the same. The result: lower scores that lead to lower reimbursement. Mediware’s IRF Management Tool ensures consistency and accuracy of patient functional scoring from all your clinicians. Two separate IRF studies found that Mediware increased the average reimbursement per discharge by up to $3,000!

Help your physicians, therapists, and nurses work better together

One of the underlying challenges of patient care in the IRF is the need for interdisciplinary collaboration across your facility. You need every person contributing to the plan of care to work together in unison. MediLinks helps you meet the challenge with team-building tools you won’t find in your EHR.

Take the headache out of managing the three-hour rule

MediLinks has reinvented the way you manage three-hour rule compliance,  with a complete workflow backed by real-time dashboards and on-demand reporting. You will be amazed at the difference. No one has to remember a thing and every patient is scheduled and treated for the required time, all while you spend far fewer staff hours in coverage meetings.

Streamline scheduling to free your therapists to spend more time with patients

One of the biggest drains on your therapists is the time spent scheduling. Take a day to see how much time your therapists spend at the wall board and you may be amazed. That’s why MediLinks has introduced a breakthrough approach to therapist-patient time management: patient-centric scheduling.

Stay ahead of the changes CMS is bringing to your IRF

The latest IRF-PAI changes threaten to overwhelm many IRFs — and CMS shows no sign of easing up. The latest submission is more than twice as long and introduces new assessments, scoring frameworks, and responsibilities. Mediware keeps you ahead of these changes.

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