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Written by: Mediware on Thursday, July 25, 2013 Posted in: Inpatient Rehab

There are certainly many different contractors looking over our shoulder and assessing our ability to meet standards. CMS provides an interactive map by state so you can keep tabs on exactly who is responsible for your area. Did you ever believe you would get the opportunity to provide feedback on your MAC (Medicare Administrative Contractors)? Now is your chance!

CMS published a link to allow you to provide comments and recommendations on your expectations for your MAC. This is an annual process but you do have to register. You can also provide this link to others in your organization for participation, such as your billing department.

Do you feel your MAC is reaching out and educating you on the areas of change? Are you aware of the contracting obligations of your MAC?

Take advantage of each of these links:

1.) Discover who your MAC is by using the locator link.

2.) Review the obligations listed below that are expectations by contract.

3.) Go to the link provided to sign up as a commenter for satisfaction – you will need your provider identifier numbers, but more than one person/job title per facility can sign up.

What are you waiting for? It’s your turn!

The Government Printing Office has published the contractual expectations/obligations of those selected as your MAC/FI .

These functions lifted from the regulations are expectations to be performed by your MAC. If you link to take the satisfaction survey, review each of these bolded areas and challenge how you feel these were met to expectation. Feedback is important, don’t pass up your opportunities!

(A) Determination of payment amounts

Determining (subject to the provisions of section 1395 by the Secretary as may be provided for by the contracts) the amount of the payments required pursuant to this subchapter to be made to providers of services, suppliers and individuals.

(B) Making payments

Making payments described in subparagraph (A) (including receipt, disbursement, and accounting for funds in making such payments).

(C) Beneficiary education and assistance

Providing education and outreach to individuals entitled to benefits under part A of this subchapter or enrolled under part B of this subchapter, or both, and providing assistance to those individuals with specific issues, concerns or problems.

(D) Provider consultative services

Providing consultative services to institutions, agencies and other persons to enable them to establish and maintain fiscal records necessary for purposes of this subchapter and otherwise to qualify as providers of services or suppliers.

(E) Communication with providers

Communicating to providers of services and suppliers any information or instructions furnished to the medicare administrative contractor by the secretary, and facilitating communication between such providers and suppliers and the secretary.

(F) Provider education and technical assistance

Performing the functions relating to provider education, training and technical assistance.

(G) Additional functions

Performing such other functions, including (subject to paragraph (5)) functions under the Medicare Integrity Program under section 1395ddd of this title, as are necessary to carry out the purposes of this subchapter.”

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