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Solve IRF Preadmission Screening Issues

Written by: Mediware Bloggers on Monday, July 3, 2017 Posted in: Inpatient Rehab

If you aren’t careful, your inpatient rehab facility (IRF) can make mistakes, before even administering any treatment, that will eventually lead to payment denial. Lapses in the preadmission screening process will result in incomplete, delayed, or forgotten evaluations that violate CMS regulations. So, you have to know how to protect your facility from costly human errors and ever-heightening regulations.

The process starts with the preadmission screening, which must be completed before patients can be admitted to IRFs. This is the primary documentation to justify your patient’s admission as reasonable and necessary, and it must be completed and approved within the 48 hours immediately preceding IRF admission.

If the screening is performed by someone other than a licensed physician, IRFs must implement safeguards to ensure it’s approved by a licensed physician within 48 hours to admit the patient according to CMS regulations. Because the burden of completing the admission process falls on the physician, it’s advisable to make the review and approval process as easy as possible, regardless of if they’re in the office next door or on another continent.

With MediLinks IRF Management, you can help protect your facility from risk and give physicians the freedom to approve reviews on the go. Time-stamp data helps document that screenings are completed in a timely manner, so you’ll be CMS-compliant from start to finish. Don’t let a preadmission screening error at the beginning of a patient’s care prevent you from receiving payment at the end. Learn more about how MediLinks IRF Management can help your facility expedite preadmission screenings.

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