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Written by: Mediware on Tuesday, September 11, 2012 Posted in: Inpatient Rehab

A total of 18 people participated in the Long Version Survey and 38 participated in the Short Version Survey and we have lots of analysis and discussion for you!

The purpose of this exercise is to assist staff in paying attention to the subtle key words used in the IRF-PAI manual decision trees when scoring functional assessment. Given the information provided, staff may answer the questions in one of several ways and should be able to discuss why they made one choice over another. By sharing with you the prevalence of how others read and scored the exercise, it provides some insight to the fact that scores can be “all over the place” if specific decision elements are not provided and if staff does not pay attention to the greatest burden elements when there is a combination of descriptions provided by a helper. Ask staff to choose the best answer given the information available when taking this survey. If you haven’t had a chance to take the survey, you can still access the survey through the blog entitled, “Testing Staff’s Ability to Recognize Key Words in Functional Scoring.” Also, I am considering hosting a webinar in the near future to discuss results, if enough people show interest!  Future blogs on the topic are also coming shortly. Getting this correct is the foundation of cost-care-burden resource alignment and measuring improvement accurately in your patient populations.

The results discussion include responses from Aug. 26, 2012 through Sept. 7, 2012 and references the IRF-PAI manual pages for each question along with some discussion as to what the best answer might be for each question.  Because we made a short and long version of this exercise available, whenever the same question was asked to the full set of respondents, you can look at the larger total of respondents because questions were duplicates between the survey and enabled us to get a larger sample number.   Respondents were not asked to describe anything about their background or experience.

We hope you find this information to be another helpful way for you to educate and provide clinical discussion around the importance of scoring. Several points can make huge differences in baseline resource allocation as it relates to the CMI and payment for your Medicare populations. Because outcomes are driven by pre/post answer changes, you want to be certain that your staff thinks critically before applying measurement scores. Pay attention to the subtle word clues that are overshadowed if you speak min., mod., max. language for the most part!

Based on the outcomes shared in the links below, we recommend discussion based on the % Agreement for each question asked.


Here are the results:  Click on the link

LONG VERSION (40 Questions)

SHORT VERSION (20 Questions)

Let me know if you are interested in a webinar to discuss the outcomes of this survey.     YES /  NO

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