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Is Your Inpatient Rehabilitation Hospital/Unit NHSN Report Completed?

Written by: Mediware on Tuesday, May 12, 2015 Posted in: Inpatient Rehab

The American Medical Rehabilitation Providers Association alerted Mediware earlier this week that CMS is asking for their help in spreading the news that the deadline for quality reporting to the National Health Safety Network on two indicators is due THIS Friday, May 15.

Two specific reports: CAUTI and Healthcare Personnel Flu Vaccination summary reports are the two under this NHSN deadline. If YOUR inpatient rehabilitation hospital or unit has not submitted a quality plan and data by this deadline, you will NOT be eligible for full reimbursement in fiscal year 2017 as NHSN submits this information to CMS as your proxy to validate quality reporting participation!

AMRPA reported: “At this time, only 54% of IRFs have entered data for this measure into NHSN, which is causing serious concern for CMS. An IRF’s failure to timely report this measure, or any other required IRF QRP measure, will result in the IRF  experiencing a 2 percent downward payment adjustment for the FY 2017 payment  determination.”

54 percent is a number that should concern YOU if you are an inpatient rehabilitation provider. Specifically, there could be confusion for units within an acute care hospital that believe reporting as a roll up for their facility is sufficient. Each unit has a separate provider number and must be reported separately per reporting guidelines for each indicator.

CMS has just written and released MedLearn Matter article MM9106 on the subject of facilities that do not submit timely quality data.

Validate with your dedicated staff member that your data has been properly uploaded per your plan and specific to your excluded unit Medicare provider number. If you have any questions, contact the helpdesk at as soon as possible.

A help file was created by NHSN specific to designing your reporting plan and updating locations of a certified unit. Utilize whichever resources is needed, but STOP everything and submit your data timely or nearly half of the 1,132 IRFs are at risk for starting the 2017 payment year at a 2 percent reduced standard payment before the federal adjusted payment formula is applied!! Make sure your facility is NOT included in this statistic!

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