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Written by: Darlene D'Altorio-Jones (1959-2015) on Tuesday, February 15, 2011 Posted in: Outpatient Rehab

Each year, it is encouraged to assess staff in their ability to document and bill according to Medicare guidelines. Maintaining education and training is an essential part of a good compliance program. In addition, Medicare Audit Contractors (MAC’s) tend to work more collaboratively with facilities that demonstrate ongoing education, rather than turning a blind eye to whatever lands in the chart and on the universal billing forms.

There are many great “handbooks” to keep available and certainly ways to perform internal audits for continuous quality improvement. Some facilities follow the guidelines and perform peer reviews to assist staff in areas where documentation may not be up to par.

CMS provides helpful information online at In addition, MedLearn has a free pamphlet called “Medicare Outpatient Billing” (ICN: 903663), an official CMS learning booklet for Physician Fee for Service practices . This pamphlet was updated in August 2010 for the 2011 fiscal year.

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