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What We Learned at FOTO’s 17th Annual Outcomes Conference

Written by: Shawn Hewitt on Wednesday, May 3, 2017 Posted in:

From April 19-22, I had the pleasure of attending the 17th Annual Outcomes Conference put on by FOTO (Focus on Therapeutic Outcomes). The sessions were energetic. FOTO’s clients participated with excitement and dedication to sharing/learning/experiencing how they can use FOTO outcomes in meaningful ways. There was a wide range of folks that were very experienced on how to use FOTO to improve the patient experience as well as provide nice data to manage patient progress. There were also some folks new to the tools. One thing was clear: The sharing of information to drive success was all around the room.

The event served to provide opportunities to learn about the importance of outcomes in practice. There were sessions that shared how FOTO clients are managing data, collecting data, and using data to help market themselves as well as managing clinical staff to ensure quality outcomes/performance. There were also very useful industry-level sessions that focused on the importance of outcomes as they relate to the changing payment and outcome models as well as the triple-aim initiatives to manage costs, improve population health, and, of course, to improve the patient experience. All of this helps to manage how quality outcomes and “good data” can support how we can be impactful when working with providers, populations, and patients.

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At most levels, clinicians and managers do understand the “WHY” for the importance of collecting outcomes and data, but the “HOW” often creates challenges to be successful. I was particularly interested in how people were building quality outcome collection into their processes. For the presentations that focused on success stories as well as the great discussions I had with folks using the FOTO tools, the one common theme was the focus on change management. Every person who had fought through getting buy in expressed their journey of change management. This journey of change was at the behavior, mindset, and process levels for management teams, clinicians, and at the patient level. Each group had to understand how to present and utilize outcomes in the workflow and day-to-day practice. The process had to become a shared focus of all the stakeholders mentioned previously. Once that occurred, the quality of information and the ability of these organizations to use the data to measure, manage, and market was impressive and insightful. FOTO staff on hand did a great job of providing best practice and support on how to be successful in using the tools to accomplish a solid outcomes program.

If you are not familiar with FOTO, the organization is described  as a powerful patient reported outcomes management system that uses proven risk adjustment algorithms to predict outcomes. It precisely measures patient functional status using computer adaptive testing (CAT), which makes functional assessments efficient and easy for patients to use. The tool allows therapists to easily engage and motivate patients using scores and statuses to help adjust care and set meaningful goals. Reporting allows clients to utilize risk-adjusted benchmarked rankings for comparison of rehabilitation services for clinicians, clinics, and organizations.

Mediware has a successful integration partnership with FOTO. We share the same focus of wanting to promote the use of outcomes and data to support the triple aim and compliance with regulations. As payment models change from volume to value and as CMS and other legislative requirements drive the need for outcomes, the organizations that use outcomes and data will be in a better position to experience success and lasting viability.

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