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National ICD-10 Testing, Links & Resources – Be Prepared

Written by: Mediware on Monday, January 20, 2014 Posted in: Inpatient Rehab

Don’t miss MM8465, the latest Medlearn Matter release that provides key information on the promised ability to TEST ICD-10 transfer capabilities from your systems to the administrative contractors. Mark March 3-7 on your calendar and be sure your systems can communicate appropriately. You must be signed up to participate. Follow instructions on the transmittal.

CMS states, “the concept of trading partner testing was originally designed to validate the trading partnersu2019 ability to meet technical compliance and performance processing standards during the HIPAA 5010 implementation. The ICD-10 testing week has been created to generate awareness and interest and to instill confidence in the provider community that CMS and the MACs are ready and prepared for the ICD-10 implementation.”

Don’t miss this opportunity to practice real-time preparedness and to complete the final tweaks to make this process as seamless as possible in your facilities.

The countdown has already started; now is the time when you should start checking out how the new process works in your testing environment. Work with the billing department to confirm that the codes have been crossed to billing correctly.

If possible, work with your payors by sending ICD-10 claim scenarios for reimbursement review, and finally, take advantage of this opportunity to communicate with your Medicare Administrative Contractor.

AFTER this step:

  • Continue to attend training and education on ICD-10, utilize govenment resources as outlined in the MedLearn Matter release mentioned previously.
  • Practice examples in the differences from ICD-9 to ICD-10. Mock up scenarios to see if staff can identify appropriate codes.
  • Attend webinars that continue to define present practice and how it will differ to future expectations. Mediware is offering a FREE 4-part webinar series.
  • Do you have an agenda and workflow plan for the various work areas that send billing information to your billing department?
  • Have you practiced the plan enough so that all key contributors in your faclity are comfortable that accuracy is attainable?
  • Your team members will feel much more confident about the switch with education and continuous practice.

Some clinical considerations to take advantage of the specificity available in the new coding:

  • Does documentation need adjusted to support the specificity?
  • Are there areas often utilized that will be affected more? How can you highlight most need to know items to the appropriate team members that document?  ‘Unspecified’ coding will be utilized much less often! Make sure staff are aware of this.

The deadline date is quickly approaching. Hopefully you arenu2019t scrambling around and feeling stressed. By now, you should be in testing stages and feeling confident about the approaching switchover.

Donu2019t forget to give your faclity positive press, share your victories with payors and in common marketing materials. Being ready will help to reduce billing confusion and improve clean claims.  Patients will benefit as will all providers in the chain of healthcare stakeholders.



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