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Blog: Is Your Physical Therapy Practice Efficient and Profitable?

Written by: Mediware on Wednesday, May 10, 2017 Posted in:

physical therapy practice management

It’s not always easy to tell, on the surface, if your PT / OT / Speech practice is operating efficiently and profitably.  Instead, you have to look at key metrics and generate reports that help you analyze the data.

In fact, with the right practice management tools, you can examine your practice in multiple ways and gain insight about what’s working and what may need improvement. To stay ahead of the field, your software system should evaluate or track multiple data points, such as these, which are just a few of the many that can be monitored:

Increase Your Profits with Data and Reports

    • Referral source data
    • Appointment statistics
    • Authorizations
    • Charges and billing

    With the knowledge gained from these and other key indicators, you can effectively lead your team and make course corrections from time to time, so you can maintain your competitive edge.

    For more ways to make sure your practice more efficient and profitable, watch our exclusive industry webinar: 5 Strategies to Get the Value You Need Out of Reporting. 

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