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Is 2015 the Year for ICD-10 Mandated Coding?

Written by: Mediware on Tuesday, December 9, 2014 Posted in: Acute Care Rehab

ICD-10 Promised for October 2015 as the Effective Date

MedLearn Matters SE1409 regarding ICD-10 was revised on Dec. 8, 2014, to include the dates and some additional details for the three end-to-end testing periods. The effective date is being published as Oct. 1, 2015. In an effort to again prepare for utilization of new coding criteria, CMS has included a ‘four-pronged approach which includes:

• CMS internal testing of its claims processing systems;

• Provider-initiated beta testing tools;

• Acknowledgement testing; and

• End-to-end testing’.

Although CMS began installing and testing system changes as far back as 2011 to support the ICD-10 roll out, the congressional delay was published and October 2014 went by with a sigh of relief for the most part.

CMS states that as of October last year, all Medicare fee-for-service claims processing systems were ready for implementation. With each update and quarterly software release they continue to test and maintain files in preparation for roll out.

In addition, CMS has published testing tools for both National and Local Coverage Determination, and has a conversion project underway to replicate Medical Severity-DRG’s. If you would like to become a tester and want to practice with CMS, the testing dates for January, April and July are published along with instructions on how to sign up within the SE1409 publication.

Once again, as previously published there is a General Equivalency Mapping Guide available at the link to help cross-walk coding.

So the question stands — Do you wait and see, or do you truly prepare for this deadline to be the starting date for ICD-10?

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