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IRF/U Rehabilitation 101 – Coming to a Location Near You

Written by: Mediware on Thursday, March 20, 2014 Posted in: Inpatient Rehab

Rehabilitation 101 for IRF/U Leadership

Sometimes my mailbox sets ‘afire’ with requests for links, information, advice or just plain references that inpatient rehabilitation leadership and managers/directors need to deal with on a daily basis. I don’t have a crystal ball to answer all those questions but I do have a lifetime of experience in gaining perspective, solutions, regulatory whereabouts, etc. I have been asked more than once if I could develop a conference platform for sharing and collaborating on the topics and  a better way of finding the answers. So, here it is; your chance to tell me what topics are of interest and what locations would be most helpful to hold a conference on the issues we face day in and day out in an IRF/U.

Please follow the link and help me get this request initiated in a location perhaps NEAR YOU!

IRF Rehabilitation Conference 101 – Interest, Location, TOPICS … A call out to our readers!

With this feedback, we will also share the top 10 resource links in a webinar on April 23, 2014. Look for that invite soon!

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