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Increase Referrals by Fostering Community

Written by: Mediware Bloggers on Monday, August 28, 2017 Posted in: Outpatient Rehab

physical therapy documentation softwareWhen administering care in your private practice, building relationships with your patients is as important as providing high-quality care. Communication shouldn’t stop the moment a patient walks out the door but should continue throughout the recovery process and after his or her last appointment. By developing personable relationships with your clients, you’ll help your practice grow through referrals, decrease the risk for no-shows, and increase patient satisfaction.

To stay in touch with a group of patients, periodically send an email newsletter. It doesn’t have to be more than a page, and it will inform and educate the group on new technologies, procedures, and day-to-day happenings around your clinic. This is a chance to feature members of your staff in brief biographies or honor those who have exceeded expectations.

A newsletter can also feature special moments in your patients’ lives. Announcing birthdays, anniversaries, births, or recovery milestones will create community within your clinic, making current patients want to refer their networks and return to the clinic themselves in the future.

In addition to connecting with your patient base via email newsletter, try to reach out to individuals and offer specialized follow-up over the phone. Ask about their recovery and home exercise routines, help them set progress goals, and offer advice and encouragement to patients who need it. Personalized, at-home communication makes clients feel genuinely cared for on a personal level and genuinely makes them feel like clients, not customers.

Building positive relationships with your patients creates a clinic community that transcends a transactional relationship between patient and provider. When therapists become caregivers and their private practices become places where patients feel valued, quality of care, referral rate, and patient satisfaction will all increase.

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