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Getting Paid for Your Rehab Services

Written by: Mediware Bloggers on Monday, May 15, 2017 Posted in:

physical therapy billing softwareWhether you’re owed it or not, payers only pay for the billable services for which you actually charge them according to established payer contracts. Therefore, in order to get paid, your therapists have to document all billable services and utilize accurate coding as well as ensure that all relevant charges get input into the billing system. Then, your billing team has to verify that all these elements comply with each payer’s rules.

Even small errors in any of these steps can mean that you get paid less than you’re really owed or that you don’t end up getting paid at all. But codes and modifiers are complicated, and errors can be hard to avoid.

Claim every dollar and avoid costly denials

That’s why there are software systems, such as MediLinks, designed specifically to assist therapists in PT, OT and speech rehab settings. With these types of systems, therapists don’t have to be experts at coding because they can be prompted to make the appropriate selections based on regulatory rules.

In addition, as a double-check, MediLinks includes billing review. This allows managers or billing representatives to examine all charges collected for a specified period of time—typically a day—to spot errors, so they don’t become problems during claim submission. If issues do arise, however, charges in question can be placed on hold while those that are ready can be processed.

When your software’s documentation and billing functions are thoroughly integrated in these ways, errors, leading to denials and wasted time for billing staff, should be reduced, and that saves time for everyone in the long run. And with the ability to interface with billing services, it also leads to faster payment for your practice. Don’t miss out on our upcoming webinar Billing Best Practices for PT, OT and Speech Reimbursement for even more useful and practical tips for maximizing reimbursement.



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