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Facility Location and IRF PAI Patient Vaccinations Must Be Understood

Written by: Darlene D'Altorio-Jones (1959-2015) on Tuesday, October 14, 2014 Posted in: Inpatient Rehab

Your IRF UNIT is a Distinct Facility – Be Sure You Answer the IRF PAI Correctly

As the new IRF PAI is being utilized and the various quality indicator sections are being answered, it has become very clear to us at Mediware that facilities may not fully understand that their distinct and separate certified IRF Unit holds the KEY to answering the IRF PAI section O0250A. Although the IRF PAI questions are not as clear as the training materials released in May, 2014, the EXAMPLE utilized in the training manual for answering this section is critical.   Page IV-25 of the Quality Section in the newest version of the IRF PAI manual provides the guidance needed.


CMS has provided education specific to answering this section of the IRF PAI and you can obtain that instruction in a power point presentation provided on May 12, 2014.

Be sure to click on ‘Afternoon Presentation’ found at the bottom of the Web page.



Then go to the appropriate zip file where you can download the Powerpoint presentation and for education and training of your staff.  You MUST GET THIS correct in order for your IRF PAI quality improvement to be appropriately counted within your IRF and to therefore not receive a 2 percent penalty in a later fiscal year.


If the IRF PAI was labeled with reference to the IRF UNIT as they have done in the instruction, I personally believe there would be less confusion for those completing this section of the IRF PAI.

The training instructions slide 7 and 8 and of course the ‘example’ utilized in the IRF PAI manual CLEARLY specify that this question must utilize the location ‘IRF’ as the deciding factor to a ‘yes’ or ‘no’ completion.

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