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Written by: Darlene D'Altorio-Jones (1959-2015) on Monday, April 18, 2011 Posted in: Inpatient Rehab

How can you be a part of the developing measures for post acute care; specifically those designed for LTCHS, IRFs and HOSPICE programs?  Even if you missed the initial planning calls, you can assess information and email questions on CMS’ website (

All too often, we, as clinicians, sit by the side line and let the demands for various guidelines be dictated to us. Now is the time to be involved in setting appropriate measures for the various levels of care mentioned.

CMS has standard guidelines for how they adopt quality measures. Review and print this blueprint (

At the very least, toward the end of this process, there will be public comment and most likely public need to volunteer as test sites. Visit this site often and stay engaged in what demands will be placed on our future practices. Pay for performance is closer than you may realize.  Know how you will be measured!

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