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Written by: Bob Habasevich, PT on Friday, August 19, 2011 Posted in: Inpatient Rehab

Trying to keep abreast of the twist and turns of our healthcare transformation is becoming more intriguing than the next installment of King of Thrones.

Last month, Don Berwick M.D., the interim Administrator for CMS issued a letter to all healthcare professionals soliciting our participation to inform patients of the opportunities in the new law. Not exactly what one expects from the temporary appointment who a month ago was given no chance of approval for reappointment.

Appealing to clinicians and healthcare professionals, Dr. Berwick engages providers to understand the law for what it means for patients.  If healthcare reform is to have any sustaining and transforming impact, providers must not only be informed, but aggressive in changing what’s wrong with the system. The message sent by the CMS Czar is not only appropriately focused but evidence of his intent to improve the system from the bottom up as well as top down.

Pro Berwick or not, providers in every healthcare venue must engage in the debate about Affordable Care.  It not only affects the health of this nation, but the livelihood and professional future of those charged to deliver it.

It appears the political winds are opening the door to another chapter of who will sit on the CMS throne.

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