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Rehab workflows in acute care are truly unique. From ensuring accurate documentation to managing your staff workload, to monitoring performance, MediLinks Inpatient will help you meet the challenges associated with providing acute care rehabilitation. Manage your work by instantly determining what was ordered, completed or missed. With MediLinks Acute Care solution you will save money by avoiding costly missed treatments, and you will improve patient outcomes. Plus, MediLinks Acute helps you avoid 30 day readmissions!

Looking for a better solution to labor management?

The MediLinks Acute Care Advantage

“The MediLinks Acute treatment screen gives our management team an organized system to view and manage our patient orders to more appropriately assign patients to therapists.”

Stephanie Rish, Manager of Rehab Services
Winthrop-University Hospital

  • Manage patient care based on physicians’ orders
  • Automatically convert each treatment into an estimated time to treat
  • Determine staffing needs in advance based on the estimated treatment times of your current workload
  • Find opportunities to reduce overtime – saving your facility money

Make patient assignments a breeze

  • Easily make staff assignments and manage workload based on estimated treatment times
  • Manage existing patient orders and redistribute based on new patient orders that come through your facility
  • Assign work by patient orders or area
  • Gain greater insight and report on staff productivity
  • Establish historical staffing patterns to estimate future needs
  • Immediately receive notification of new patients or patient discharges

reid facility

Reid Hospital’s Acute Rehabilitation Unit strengthened their team-focused approach to patient care

Reid Hospital’s Acute Care Department was able to decrease team conference time from 15 minutes to about six minutes through workflow changes and improve the accuracy and consistency of functional scoring.

Ensure your department is compliant

  • Use preconfigured templates. Our experience working with the top rehabilitation providers across the country combined with clinical experts on staff have resulted in the creation of rehabilitation documentation templates that are efficient and compliant.
  • Strengthen compliance in the documentation process with built-in safety measures and guidelines
  • Ensure billing is a by-product of the clinical documentation
  • Manage G-code tracking to prevent denied claims

Improve the accuracy of your charges – decrease payment denials!

  • Ensure billing integrity. Automatically capture charges as a by-product of documentation and reporting clinical outcomes.
  • Capture non-billable procedures for productivity tracking
  • Track procedures for total productivity analysis by day, month and year
  • Eliminate the tiresome task of filling out a billing sheet of the end of the day – charting and billing is all one step!

Improve performance management

  • Manage and justify costs by reviewing department revenue, number of procedures vs. work units
  • Measure performance by tracking treatments that were ordered, completed, cancelled or missed
  • Prepare budgets by summarizing historical charges, dollar amounts, performance time and work units by work area or other division

Want a solution that’s just for Acute Care facilities and their specific workflow?

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