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Blood Biologics Management                          (866) 714-9499

Blood Center Technologies                      

Cellular Therapy Solutions                               (866) 773-8080

Medication Management                                 (800) 255-0026

Ascend                                                                (877) 351-3300

Consulting & Analytics                                    (800) 680-6183

Housing and Community Services                 (318) 213-8780

Human and Social Services/Harmony           (800) 318-7260

Alpha                                                                  (910) 791-6724

                                                                            (910) 791-6724

Rehabilitation & Respiratory                           (800) 279-8456

Scheduling                                                          (800) 889-0450

Home Care Solutions                                       (877) 277-4876

  • Homecare360®
  • CareTend
  • Caretinuum®
  • CPR+
  • Fastrack
  • MestaMed®


Mediware University — for HCLL, HCLL Analytics, Ascend or WORx.

CareTend — Training Resource Center (TRC)
If you need a CareTend TRC account, please send an email to and include your license number, company name, your name, and email address.

CPR+ — Training Resource Center (TRC)

Fastrack — Training Resources


Customer Portal

Collaborate and learn more about your product by logging into the customer portal. Here, you’ll find regular communications from Mediware product managers, tips and tricks to get the most out of your software, as well as user forums for open discussion and problem solving.

If you need access/or having issues connecting to the Mediware Support Portal please email us at