Using Mediware’s BloodSafe® Product Oregon Health & Science University Hospital Realizes Five-Month Return on Investment

Academic hospital in Portland, Ore., reduces blood waste, decreases turn-around time, and improves efficiencies by extending blood bank capabilities with remote release refrigerators.

LENEXA, KS December 20, 2010Mediware Information Systems, Inc. announced that another prestigious hospital is benefitting from Mediware’s BloodSafe® remote release refrigerators. Oregon Health & Sciences University Hospital (OHSU) has used the Mediware system to improve blood delivery times, increase transfusion service efficiency and substantially reduce blood waste. These impressive quality improvements, which are described in a new case study available from Mediware, will be discussed during webcasts hosted on January 19th and January 27th at 10 a.m. central time.

The BloodSafe functionality includes computer controlled refrigerators that remotely store and dispense blood to enable rapid access to products at the point of care. Used in combination with Mediware’s proprietary HCLL™ Transfusion blood bank software, customers such as OHSU have maximized the system’s potential by enabling capabilities such as remote electronic crossmatch and advanced inventory management practices to increase productivity and lower costs.

Specific OHSU outcomes realized thus far include:

  • Average time to deliver blood with a completed type and screen went from 20 minutes to 1 minute
  • Crossmatch-to-Transfusion (C/T) ratio for main operating room (OR) fell from 3.2% to 1.2%
  • This improved C/T ratio translates to an annualized reduction of over $600,000 in crossmatch charges and associated workload required to support surgical services at OHSU
  • OR blood waste decreased to 5 red cell units in 5 months (a 50% reduction)

“Several months after the BloodSafe implementation, we reduced our standing red cell inventory levels by 25%. Data collected after this reduction showed that red cell discards as a percent of red cells transfused fell from an average of 2% before the inventory reduction to 0.8% after. We were able to do this without compromising patient care by taking advantage of the better remote inventory visibility BloodSafe gave us and by better using HCLL’s existing inventory management tools,” said Dr. Mick Scanlan, Director of Transfusion Medicine at Oregon Health Sciences University, a 560-bed medical facility, in Portland, Ore.

When used fully integrated with Mediware’s HCLL Transfusion software, BloodSafe functionality can remotely and electronically perform clinical and patient safety processes such as required blood crossmatch tests. These additional capabilities provide a dramatic productivity boost for both blood bank and clinical staff and result in more efficient blood management. A further benefit for hospital blood banks is overcoming staffing shortages as use of the machines for routine orders frees the hospital’s limited number of trained blood bank technicians for more complex procedures.

Deliveries of red cells to patients with a complete type and screen have improved from an average of 20 minutes [with manual delivery] to about 60 seconds using the machine at OHSU. This improvement accounts for the improved C/T ratio as anesthesiologists no longer feel the need to crossmatch multiple units ahead of surgery.

OHSU has a 150-unit BloodSafe HemoSafe near the Cardiac Surgery suite and a nine drawer BloodSafe HemoNine in the trauma surgery areas. Blood in both machines is accessible for all patients being treated in the area. Having both types of machines allows OHSU to leverage the unique capabilities of each refrigerator while giving us redundancy in case of equipment failure. Since implementation, 1035 units were remotely crossmatched and issued.

“Adoption went smoothly and we are very pleased with the results,” continued Dr. Scanlan. “Our medical teams are comfortable that the refrigerators will dispense blood when they need it and that the process is easy. As use continues to increase, I’m confident we will see additional benefits.”

Mediware introduced the BloodSafe functionality almost two years ago to address growing customer concerns about rising costs, productivity and effectively supporting hospital departments across expansive campuses or regions. The BloodSafe system includes multiple refrigerator options, including the two units in use at OHSU as well as electronic locks and computer kiosks that can be added to any standard refrigerator. The intelligent integration with the blood bank transfusion software is 510(k)-cleared by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration and only available with Mediware’s HCLL Transfusion software.

“I’m pleased to see another prestigious facility experience such dramatic results with this innovative product,” said Thomas Mann, Mediware’s president and chief executive officer. “Our investments – and the investments of our beta and early adopter customers – are bearing fruit in the form of smooth implementations and early and dramatic results. We look forward to continuing this momentum by delivering similar results to many more of our customers.”

The OHSU/BloodSafe webcast is scheduled for 10 a.m. central time on January 19th and January 27th , 2011. Click to register or visit Mediware’s website at

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