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Sonoma County Human Services Department Selects Harmony Information Systems for APS

Proven, Web-based Solution will Streamline County’s APS Workflow Processes, Measure Results and Automate Reporting

RESTON, VA – April 21, 2010 – Harmony Information Systems, Inc. (Harmony), the leader in integrated health and human services management, announced today that the Sonoma County Human Services Department (HSD) has selected Harmony for APS to streamline workflow processes, enhance operational and strategic management and automate California state-mandated APS reporting.

The selection of Harmony for APS directly supports Sonoma County’s mission to protect vulnerable adults and to promote maximum independence and well-being for individuals and families.  Harmony for APS will help Sonoma County streamline their APS workflow processes and alleviate the burden of reporting by automating California state-mandated reports 242, 341, 342, and 343, by providing out-of-the-box reports supporting intake and investigative processes and role-based dashboards.

“Passage of the Elder Justice Act is bringing attention and pushing federal dollars to combat elder abuse across the country making it more important than ever for APS agencies to measure results and report on their programs,” said Joseph Sander, President and CEO of Harmony.  “In light of this, we are confident that our industry-leading Harmony for APS solution will help Sonoma County effectively manage their programs, automatically report results and deliver on their mission to protect vulnerable adults throughout the county.”

The Harmony suite of solutions is rapidly becoming the standard for aging services organizations throughout the country.  Fully integrated with Harmony for Aging, the most widely used solution in the United States for home and community-based care, Harmony for APS is a flexible, web-based case management system purpose built for APS agencies to optimize investigative performance using industry-proven best practices.

Harmony for APS is a comprehensive end-to-end case management system that meets the full range of APS needs, including workflows that help workers clearly follow the steps throughout the APS process, management tools that help ensure proper supervision of APS staff, and automated business processes that provide clear alignment between actions, policies, and procedures. Its on-demand delivery model provides access from anywhere at anytime, eliminates the need for any upfront capital expense and makes it fast and inexpensive to install.

For more information about Harmony for APS, visit:

About Harmony Information Systems, Inc.

Harmony Information Systems Inc., (Harmony), the leader in integrated health and human services management, provides comprehensive solutions that enable organizations to manage growing consumer case loads with existing resources. The company’s end-to-end solutions manage the delivery of care for elders and intellectually disabled persons, enabling organizations to maximize outcomes while increasing service delivery efficiency, ensuring compliance with funding requirements, and automating Medicaid waiver processes. Harmony products are used by more than 450 state, local, and private provider human service organizations to manage both traditional and consumer-directed models of service. For more information on Harmony products and solutions, visit or call us at 866.951.2219.

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