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DocuPRO slashes physical therapy documentation time

Mediware has launched the latest update of its rehab documentation system: DocuPRO 10. The updated version features time-saving tools designed to help physical therapists spend less time on charting and more time treating patients.

DocuPRO features branching-logic templates that allow therapists to check off items from pick lists to note measurements, observations, treatments and recommendations. This eliminates the time-consuming task of writing out every aspect of the patient encounter, although the system also allows for free-text entry anywhere in the chart. The selections and text are then converted into complete charts and summaries with full English sentences using language from the APTA guide to practice terminology.

Several new features added to DocuPRO 10 help therapists complete documentation even faster:

  • Print reports directly to PDF. A PT practice can eliminate much of the time now spent printing and faxing summaries to physicians and insurance companies, as well as the cost of paper and filing space.
  • Work anywhere — even away from the network. DocuPRO’s exclusive Sync feature lets a therapists take a notebook or tablet PC off the network to work on cases from home or on the road. New documentation is automatically added to the office network when the PC is reconnected.
  • Save time charting by exception. DocuPRO’s Stored Value Templates cut charting time on common diagnoses where the treatment plan is nearly identical in most cases. For example, a therapist can save a completed template for a classic ankle sprain, then pull up that template in the future any time he treats a patient with an ankle sprain. All of the values are already entered, and the therapist simply enters any exceptions to the stored values.
  • Generate home exercise plans in seconds. DocuPRO is available with a PhysioTools module — the world’s best-selling home exercise resource for physical therapy. A therapist simply clicks on a menu to select exercises to review and print for the patient.

The updated physical therapy documentation software also makes it easier to edit page headers to contain specific information helpful to the practice; therapists can create and share templates more easily as well.

For more information about DocuPRO, visit the DocuPRO home page or call 1-800-889-0450.

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