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AppointmentsEverywhere ushers in next generation of web scheduling

TEMPE, AZ — Mediware has introduced AppointmentsEverywhere™ web-based scheduling — a versatile solution that delivers high-speed performance and advanced scheduling features typically available only in an installed-software system. AppointmentsEverywhere is a native web application — it’s not software “migrated” to the web — so it delivers a fast, instantly responsive user experience, unlike many web apps that hiccup and sputter.

Connects multiple locations for a fraction of the cost of a software system

AppointmentsEverywhere brings together multiple locations under one centralized scheduling system without expensive servers, application delivery systems or wide area networks. Developed by the scheduling specialists at Mediware, AppointmentsEverywhere leverages the same advanced processing logic found in the company’s industry-leading AppointmentsPRO scheduling software:

Quick to learn, easy to use

One mouse-click lets you make or edit appointments… mark appointment status… schedule groups… record payments… and much more.

Simplifies complex scheduling tasks

Powerful scheduling features make quick work of recurring appointments, multi-step procedures or multi-visit protocols, eliminating laborious hunt-and-peck scheduling.

Delivers detailed practice data to enhance decision-making

Over 100 reports cover nearly every aspect of management – referral patterns, new patient trends, no-shows and cancellations, resource utilization and much more.

“Mediware has focused on the scheduling needs of clinical professionals for 15 years – longer than just about anyone in the software business,” says Steve Petrie, CEO of SpectraSoft. “That’s why I am excited to introduce AppointmentsEverywhere, which takes web scheduling to an entirely new level.”

To find out more about AppointmentsEverywhere clinical scheduling, contact Mediware: 1-800-889-0450 /

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