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AppointmentsEverywhere Upgrade Log

System Enhancements — 8/17/2011

Enhanced Authorization and Referral Alerts

Live views of important authorization and referral information to help you identify situations that need attention.

Text Message Usage Monitoring

New  screen and report give you up-to-the-minute statistics on your Text Message usage (module required)

Flexible Appointment Reminder Times

You now have more flexibility in defining when reminders are sent. For example you can limit reminders to just one per for instances when multiple appointments have been scheduled.

Custom Block Time Colors

Lets you easily identify different types of block times.

Add Comments to Hold Times

Simplify office-wide compliance with hold times.

System Enhancements — 2/27/2011

Lightning-Fast Patient Registration

This new Patient Registration screen streamlines the process when you don’t need to add detailed case or insurance information — so you can input patients and schedule them faster.

Fool-Proof Authorization Renewal

The system automatically creates a task for the appropriate staff member to call and renew a patient’s authorization or referral when the approved visits are about to expire.

Medi-Cal Compliance

A customizable warning screen now appears, advising staff that they are about to view confidential medical data. These security standards are designed specifically to comply with Medi-Cal requirements.

Enhanced Check-In Screen

The screen now displays co-pays to be collected and allows appointments to be rescheduled.

Added Flexibility for Data Maintenance

You now have the ability to disable retired or obsolete data through the data maintenance screens.

Faster Reporting

You can now pick your personal default output format.

System Enhancements — 1/3/2011

Drag and Drop Scheduling

Now you can move an appointment simply by dragging it from one appointment time to another. All of the data associated with that appointment moves along as well. This feature works in the Daily, Weekly and Monthly views, so you can move appointments to different days as well.

Customize your screen view on-the-fly

Change your grid view effortlessly by dragging column headers to see them in any order you need.

See the schedule with less scrolling

Simply right-click on the time column to hone in on the relevant part of the day you are working on.

Search for patients by Case ID, Case fields or inpatient Fields

Find patients faster and spend less time searching. These new additions to the Advanced Patient Search make it easy to find virtually any patient with the information on hand.

Track required treatment hours easier

Now you can monitor compliance with required treatment times in a separate tracking window. It puts all the vital information you need to see on one screen, for quick review by anyone in your organization.

Build custom views faster

You can group columns that frequently appear together (i.e. a treatment team), then create a new view that includes all those columns, plus any others you wish to see on the same grid.

Create logins of more than 10 characters

Use this feature to make user logins easier to remember or to increase security by supporting your in-house standard for minimum login length.

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