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AppointmentsEverywhere Safe From “Heartbleed”

AppointmentsEverywhere Protected From Heartbleed Bug

LENEXA, KS (April 28, 2014) – Mediware Information Systems, Inc. announced today that its products should not be impacted by the Heartbleed bug. This includes AppointmentsEverywhere web-based patient scheduling software, marketed under the SpectraSoft brand. This comes after conducting an extensive review. It is believed that up to two-thirds of companies on the Web have been affected by the vulnerability in the popular OpenSSL cryptographic software library.

Mediware’s review included both Mediware’s software products and the hosting environments that are used to deliver many of the Mediware products over the Web. “Our products do not generally use the technology that caused the problems, but to the extent we believed any of our products had any exposure, we acted to limit the risk within our continuous schedule of managed updates and patching,” stated Mediware director of product development, Scott Winchester.

Clients that are hosting Mediware solutions themselves will need to make sure that any third party software located on the same server is secure from the vulnerability. “Unfortunately, clients may still be at risk from the Heartbleed bug if an application susceptible to the Heartbleed bug is on the same server as the Mediware product,” Winchester warned. “This is a great example of why clients should consider having Mediware provide the hosting service. We have the manpower and expertise to safeguard our clients’ data.”

Clients are encouraged to reach out to the SpectraSoft support team with any questions or concerns.

About Mediware

Mediware was founded in 1970 and began offering software solutions in 1980 to help providers excel in high-growth, complex patient care environments that remain under served by existing vendors. The company employs more than 400 subject matter experts who deeply understand business and care processes in highly specialized acute, non-acute and community-based care settings and have years of experience integrating systems. Mediware’s portfolio of solutions currently includes blood services,cellular therapymedication managementphysical rehabilitationrespiratory therapy, behavioral health and home care. For more information about Mediware products and services, visit

About SpectraSoft

SpectraSoft has pioneered innovative medical scheduling solutions since 1993. The company’s flagship product, AppointmentsEverywhere, brings novel solutions to setting with complex scheduling needs, such as physical rehabilitation, radiology, behavioral health and autism treatment, dialysis and clinical trials. SpectraSoft was acquired by Mediware Information Systems in 2013, greatly enhancing the company’s development resources and in-house clinical expertise.

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