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OrderTrak Electronic Ordering Software Delivers Dramatic Results for Blood Centers and Their Customers

Benefits include improved efficiency, fewer errors and higher customer satisfaction.

LENEXA, KS February 14, 2012 –Mediware Information Systems, Inc. (Nasdaq: MEDW) announced today that blood centers leveraging the company’s OrderTrak™ software are reporting dramatic efficiency gains, including streamlined workflow, improved order management and higher staff productivity. OrderTrak is an order management software system that allows blood centers to offer online blood ordering and tracking capabilities to hospital customers. Other reported benefits achieved through use of the software include a dramatic reduction in order errors and improved hospital loyalty due to the system’s anywhere access, ease of use and rich analytics. Mediware is hosting informational webcasts on February 16 and February 28 to discuss specific results achieved.

“Gulf Coast Regional Blood Center was one of the first pioneering blood centers to adopt OrderTrak and provide hospitals a comprehensive electronic platform to place, manage and track blood product orders,” said Marc Lewis, director of product management at Gulf Coast Regional Blood Center. In 2011 the Houston-based blood center drove more than a million miles to deliver more than 650,000 units to customers across Texas. They collect more than 333,000 units annually. “OrderTrak has been a great solution for our blood center and an asset that our hospital customers value.”

OrderTrak provides blood centers an online order management platform as an alternative to receiving phone and fax-based orders from hospitals. Using the system, blood center staff can more effectively view standing orders, triage new orders and prioritize delivery schedules to best manage their inventory. As the percentage of electronic orders increase, blood centers can realize additional benefits, including higher staff productivity.

“Before OrderTrak, between the hours of 8 a.m. and 5 p.m., we would average almost 300 calls from customers requesting services or status updates,” said Mr. Lewis. “While the calls are important, they interrupt staff workflow and impact our overall productivity. Because so many of our customers are now leveraging the system, we now get fewer than 100 calls during regular hours. It’s been a tremendous productivity improvement for us.”

Hospitals utilizing the system can securely input recurring, standard and STAT orders and track order status online at any time of day. Replacing phone and fax-based orders with online orders further benefits blood centers by eliminating order errors resulting from miscommunication, misinterpretation or illegible forms.

Additionally, OrderTrak provides tools that allow hospitals to analyze order histories, usage patterns and key efficiency metrics such as order-to-delivery times. Other features, such as the ‘Online Memo’, improve communication between the blood center and hospitals, which may be used to call for specialty blood products or to broadcast announcements that affect the entire network of hospitals.

Mediware has scheduled informational webcasts on February 16 and February 28 to discuss results achieved using OrderTrak and how the product can be leveraged to improve efficiencies and increase loyalty with hospital customers. Information on the webcasts can be found on Mediware’s website,, or on the company’s online event center.

About Mediware

Mediware delivers interoperable best-of-breed software systems that improve efficiencies and address safety concerns, enabling healthcare organizations to improve care processes while decreasing costs. Core Mediware solutions include blood management technologies for hospitals and blood centers; medication management solutions for hospitals, behavioral health facilities, infusion and specialty pharmacy providers; and business intelligence-based performance management solutions for clinical, regulatory and financial aspects of the broader healthcare market. For more information about Mediware products and services, visit our website at


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