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Naples Community Blood Center Adopts Mediware Blood Center Technology

Mediware’s new, web-based donor management software system will improve efficiency for hospital owned blood center.

LENEXA, KS August 14, 2009Mediware Information Systems, Inc. announced today that the Naples Community Blood Center has licensed the latest version of LifeTrak™ Mediware’s market leading Donor Management System, as part of a technology transformation at the hospital owned blood center. The transformation effort is expected to include other core systems as the blood center streamlines technology to improve donor recruitment efficiencies and patient safety.

Naples Community Blood Center is part of the Naples Community Hospital Healthcare System (NCH), an integrated delivery network that includes two hospitals. Combined NCH received 22 awards for quality from Health Grades in 2009 and is recognized as one of the most prestigious health systems in the Southeast. The NCH Community Blood Center also supplies two area HMA hospitals.

“As our hospitals transitioned to new software, we realized that our blood center would have to update our own technologies to stay current with modern efficiencies and safety practices,” said Sheila Phillips, the administrative director for Naples Community Blood Center. “This forced us to do a detailed analysis of our needs and wants. We also took the opportunity to define what we needed to improve upon in our own operation and looked for software that would support our growth and continued improvement.”

As a part of the process, Naples staff recognized that in addition to rich clinical capabilities, they needed to focus on donor recruitment and the overall management of donor information; two areas in which Mediware excels.

The Mediware blood center technology strategy includes powerful clinical systems in combination with rich CRM donor recruitment capabilities to streamline blood drives, increase donor recruitment, and facilitate donor retention.

“Our objectives for our new systems platform include some lofty goals that we are confident Mediware will help us achieve,” continued Ms. Phillips. “Obviously, we also needed to maintain our standard of quality. Our lab team was very pleased with Mediware’s system functions around quarantines, manufacturing, labeling, and look back.

“Operationally we also wanted to build into our new platform the ability to develop, monitor and maintain multiple donor frequency campaigns; add electronic communication capabilities to enable us to reach out to our donors; and the ability to reach out to specific groups with targeted campaigns and communications. These are all key differentiators of the Mediware approach.”

A further differentiator for the Mediware products is that they are offered in a hosted environment. “This allows us to focus on our primary business and not worry about IT issues,” concluded Ms. Phillips.

“We are thrilled to add Naples to our growing list of blood center customers and are excited that they have chosen our latest technologies,” said Thomas Mann, Mediware’s president and chief executive officer. “This is a segment of our business that continues to grow and we are honored that more than 60 percent of the US blood supply is recruited, tested, distributed or transfused using Mediware blood management products.”

LifeTrak is a 510(k) cleared donor management system that manages donor eligibility, manufacturing and distribution for many of the largest blood suppliers, testing facilities, centralized transfusion services (CTS) and large hospital donor programs. In the spring of 2009 Mediware launched LifeTrak 4.0 to deliver increased flexibility through a web-based deployment.

Mediware’s Blood Center Technologies group provides blood centers the first integrated solution offering that spans from donor recruitment to distribution. As web-based products, Mediware Blood Center Technologies solutions can be licensed individually or as an integrated platform. In addition to the LifeTrak suite, Mediware’s blood center technologies include:

  • OrderTrak™, Enables online ordering of blood products for hospitals;
  • CoordinatorTrak™, Motivates drive coordinators with tools that save time and build loyalty;
  • QualityTrak™, Captures donor satisfaction statistics to enhance customer service;
  • CallTrak™, Improves the efficiency and effectiveness of tele-recruitment programs;
  • SalesTrak™, Maximizes sales prospects through comprehensive customer and pipeline management; and
  • DriveTrak™, Manages mobile drive recruitment including staff scheduling.

Mediware’s blood center customer base includes more than 350 facilities, including many of the largest independent blood centers in the United States as well as the American Red Cross.

About Naples Community Blood Center
The NCH Community Blood Center has been serving Collier County for approximately sixty years. The Community Blood Center was initially developed to serve the needs of the first hospital in Collier County, the Naples Community Hospital. It has since expanded its operations to serve the needs of each subsequent hospital that has offered healthcare services in the county.

About Mediware
Mediware delivers blood and medication management software systems that encapsulate information supporting patient therapies, reinforce patient safety practices and improve efficiencies to lower costs. Mediware’s customers include prestigious hospitals, clinics, correctional institutions, blood centers and other public and private health care institutions throughout the world. For more information about Mediware products and services, visit

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