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Mediware’s HCLL Passes Critical Milestone

Customer Use of HCLL™ Exceeds 10,000 Consecutive Days ahead of schedule.

LENEXA, KS., March 26, 2007Mediware Information Systems announces that early this month its HCLL™ Transfusion Management software system exceeded 10,000 days of productive use in hospitals worldwide, a feat that is indicative of the strong market acceptance of the product. Mediware’s HCLL™ Transfusion Management System, which provides hospitals automated support for blood related processes which are strictly regulated by the FDA, enables clients to improve efficiency, reduce transfusion errors and improve patient safety.

“The greatest risk for blood-products recipients is human error resulting in the transfusion of the wrong blood component to the wrong recipient,” said John Damagaard, vice president and general manager for Mediware’s Blood Management Division. “Blood products today are safe, so reducing overall risks from transfusions involves automating process checks and delivering systemic improvements that prevent mistakes that result in blood units going to the wrong patients.”

A 2006 study published in the British Journal of Hematology concluded that improved transfusion safety requires the acceleration of technologies that reduce potential for human error. The study also recommended that these technologies be established as professional standards of performance. Mediware has been providing blood bank management solutions for more than 25 years and is deeply committed to the industry and its evolving needs. Damgaard said market acceptance of Mediware’s transfusion and donor management systems, since their introduction in 2003 and 2005 respectively, is attributable to the products’ rich functionality and advanced integration capabilities.

“Mediware continues to be very pleased with the market acceptance of our next generation products,” Damgaard continued. “We believe that 10,000 days of customer use proves these tools are having a positive impact on patient safety and operational efficiency in the administration of blood products,” he said. HCLL™ Transfusion and HCLL™ Donor are FDA 510(k) cleared and are registered as medical devices.

About Mediware
Mediware delivers powerful software solutions that encapsulate patient care instructions, reinforce patient safety practices and improve efficiencies to lower costs. Mediware targets three primary areas of patient care – Medication Management, Perioperative Management and Blood Management (transfusion, inventory and donor practices) – with specialized solutions that are proven in more than 1,000 client installations. Mediware’s customers include prestigious hospitals, clinics, correctional institutions, blood centers and other public and private health care institutions throughout the world.

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