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Mediware Releases New Respiratory Solution: Worklist Generator

MediLinks® Worklist Treatment Screen (WTS) automates workload distribution and facilitates RVU-based flexible staffing

Chandler, AZ – December 5, 2013– Mediware Information Systems, Inc., announces the launch of its newest respiratory care solution, MediLinks WTS. The solution is designed to automate workload distribution and facilitate Relative Value Units (RVU) to reduce costs. WTS was officially revealed at the American Association for Respiratory Care Congress in Anaheim, CA last month.

Manual staffing processes to determine the number of therapists needed for each shift are prone to error and can be time consuming. In a recent white paper published by the AARC, “Best Practices in Respiratory Care Productivity and Staffing” peer-reviewed, evidence-based research indicates that a daily, RVU-based flex staffing system can meet staffing requirements for patient needs and reduce costs by $250,000 per year in a typical 400-bed hospital1. MediLinks WTS utilizes the AARC recommended RVU-based staffing system to reduce salary costs and ensure each shift has optimal staff levels.

“Respiratory Departments have been waiting for a solution to help determine how many therapists are needed for each work shift,” said Stuart Foster, GM for Mediware Respiratory and Rehabilitation Solutions. “WTS automates what was once a very manual process for placing orders; freeing up hours of supervisor time and saving respiratory units thousands of dollars each year.” WTS also allows therapists to view and update all patient orders from a single screen and see real-time statistics on current and future shift requirements based on AARC’s Uniform Reporting Manual time allocations.

WTS leverages ADT and orders interfaces with real-time patient and order updates from the organization’s EMR host system. The respiratory solution is a feature included in the full MediLinks Respiratory solution, but is also being offered as a stand-alone product. The secure hosted SaaS solution is designed to meet respiratory care department standards and is accessible on any Internet connection.

For more information about MediLinks WTS, visit or call 1-800-279-8456.

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