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Mediware Rehabilitation Solution, G-code Modifier Mobile App Featured on Education Series for Physical Therapists

Podcast for physical therapist professionals highlights rehabilitation documentation software solution, free resources and new mobile application to meet CBOR requirements

Chandler, AZ – December 6, 2013– Mediware Information Systems, Inc., the first rehab software company to launch a free mobile app to convert G-codes to functional modifiers for submission to CMS, is featured on the Dec. 3, 2013 episode of Functional Freedom. Functional Freedom is an online podcast for physical therapists that introduces strategies and resources to improve physical therapist’s effectiveness. Mediware released the G-code Modifier mobile app in October, and physical therapist and Functional Freedom host, Paul Potter, highlighted the new application on the December podcast.

The free mobile app is designed to streamline therapists’ workflow and includes more than 90 assessments most commonly used by physical, occupational and speech and language pathology therapists. Therapists or billing staff can search alphabetically for a specific assessment, input the result, select when they are scoring (admission, progress, discharge or goal) and then convert the appropriate G-code modifier. CMS implemented the new g-code reporting requirements in January 2013.

Potter, a practice owner from Nebraska, has been using Mediware’s CBOR calculator since 2012 and recently joined the more than 2000 smartphone users who have downloaded the G-code app. During the 42 minute podcast, Potter discussed the new application; the importance of utilizing outcome data to prove clinical effectiveness and value; how to navigate the upcoming prospective payment system; characteristics of a software partner versus a software vendor; how to capture clinical information for ‘’downstream” use; and other regulatory issues.

As a frequent user of the app, Potter recognizes Mediware’s forward thinking approach and commitment to the industry. “What impresses me the most about Mediware is their responsiveness to therapists’ needs including the requirements created by the new Medicare FLR requirement,” Potter wrote in a follow-up email. “They anticipated a problem, took action and created a timely software solution that made my clinical life better. That’s impressive!” Listen to entire podcast now.

The free app is available on the Apple iTunes App Store and on the Google Play Store for Android devices. Search for “G-code” or “CBOR” to locate the app. A direct link to download the app can be found at Mediware gave away an iTunes gift card with the 2000 registration Friday. The Company is giving away a gift card for each 1000 registrations.

About Functional Freedom

The podcast series is designed to introduce physical therapists to different strategies and resources to improve their professional effectiveness or start a niche PT practice. Each month, Potter reaches out to thought-leaders and clinicians to help therapists understand the industry scientific jargon, take away key tips and successful strategies and equip themselves with powerful tools for peak performance. Potter is the owner of LifeTouch Physical Therapy Center PC, based in Beatrice, Nebraska. He has more than 30 years of experience as a private practice physical therapist with specializations in manual therapy, orthopedics and medical fitness for active older adults.

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