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Mediware Expands Post-Acute Care Rehab Offering to Skilled Nursing Units

LENEXA, KS March 19, 2014Mediware Information Systems, Inc., a provider of comprehensive post-acute care healthcare software, announces the launch of skilled nursing functionality within its MediLinks Inpatient software. The software now offers specific content and workflow tools designed to be used in skilled nursing units for physicians, nurses, PTs, OTs and SLPs, recreational therapists, case managers, social workers and nutritional services. The skilled nursing content and templates help capture data needed for the Multiple Data Set (MDS), which is used for patient assessment in SNFs.

A number of Mediware clients have used MediLinks Inpatient software as a tool to assist with their SNU documentation requirements for years, and now with the added SNU functionality, the software is uniquely positioned to help providers react to government proposed payment changes that impact how patients are managed in skilled nursing units within a hospital.

The skilled nursing functionality added to the MediLinks software captures information required in MDS documentation. The MediLinks SNF functionality also provides documentation and reports to support tracking of RUG Minutes defined by CMS. “As industry focus continues to target SNUs and Post-Acute Care guidelines, we saw the growing need to provide tools which offer more effective documentation and workflow to support team coordination and improved ways to capture and track MDS scoring,” said Stuart Foster, GM, Mediware Rehabilitation and Respiratory Care.

In addition to providing a more accurate and consistent way to capture documentation required for MDS, MediLinks software provides a full workflow solution to manage the documentation of the patient problem/goal relationship for proper care coordination. The software tracks outcomes to drive quality improvement. The software includes reporting capabilities to view key clinical and operational information. Charges are captured as a byproduct of documentation, ensuring charges are billed for the appropriate procedures performed by the therapist. Resource utilization can be managed with the Treatment Screen using the active orders to know who needs to be seen. MediLinks scheduling tools allow you to make single, multiple or recurring appointments, all visible in real-time, throughout the entire hospital. Learn about the specific skilled nursing content features.

About Mediware

Mediware delivers interoperable best-of-breed software systems that improve efficiencies and address safety concerns, enabling healthcare organizations to improve care processes while decreasing costs. Core Mediware solutions include blood management technologies for hospitals and blood centers; cell therapy solutions for cord blood banks, cancer treatment centers and research facilities; medication management solutions for hospitals, behavioral health facilities, infusion and specialty pharmacy providers; business intelligence-based performance management solutions for clinical, regulatory and financial aspects of the broader healthcare market; and rehabilitation therapy and respiratory care solutions. For more information about Mediware products and services, visit our website at

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