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OptiMed Pharmacy Improves Efficiencies with Mediware’s CPR+ Software

CPR+ Specialty Pharmacy Software Simplifies Complex Pharmacy Workflows

Lenexa, KS, December 3, 2015– Mediware Information Systems, Inc., a provider of comprehensive post-acute healthcare software, announces that OptiMed Specialty Pharmacy is successfully using Mediware’s CPR+ specialty pharmacy software to help manage its business. Since implementing the CPR+ software earlier this year, OptiMed has realized considerable improvements in daily operations while expanding its business with new contracts and services.

OptiMed is a specialty pharmacy that treats more than 450 patients with chronic diseases each month. Andrew Reeves, Founder and CEO of OptiMed Pharmacy explains that “using our previous retail system, we had no organized way to track orders. With CPR+ we can automatically track orders throughout the entire specialty process.” Reeves also explained that CPR+ Analytics, which utilizes real-time data reporting, has important reporting capabilities; “I was contacted by a drug manufacturer and was offered a service agreement to provide certain reporting. We would never have been able to take that contract if we weren’t using CPR+ software,” added Reeves.

“OptiMed is one of over 200 specialty pharmacies that are live using the CPR+ application,” says Paul O’Toole, Vice President and General Manager of the Home Care Solutions Division of Mediware. “Providing forward thinking industry technology is at the core of Mediware’s solutions, and we are thrilled that OptiMed Specialty Pharmacy can benefit from our time-saving software tools,” added O’Toole.

About Mediware:
Mediware delivers interoperable best-of-breed software systems that improve efficiencies and address safety concerns, enabling healthcare organizations to improve care processes while decreasing costs. Core Mediware solutions include blood management technologies for hospitals and blood centers; cell therapy solutions for cord blood banks, cancer treatment centers and research facilities; medication management solutions for hospitals, behavioral health facilities, home medical equipment, infusion and specialty pharmacy providers; business intelligence-based performance management solutions for clinical, regulatory and financial aspects of the broader healthcare market; and rehabilitation therapy and respiratory care solutions. For more information about Mediware products and services, visit our website at

About OptiMed Pharmacy:
OptiMed Pharmacy is a privately held healthcare entity with a longstanding history of pioneering novel patient care strategies in order to achieve optimal outcomes for patients and payers. The organization has over 20 years of experience in collaborating with primary care providers, payers, and the community to offer personalized solutions to meet non-traditional patient needs. OptiMed’s Specialty Pharmacy utilizes a team of specialty trained pharmacists, pharmacy technicians, and patient care advocates to adopt a “total patient care” approach to educate and engage patients to be advocates for their own health. OptiMed Specialty Pharmacy is an accredited specialty Pharmacy by both ACHC and URAC.

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