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Harmony Information Systems Enhances its Adult and Disability Resource Centers Solution by Automating SART Report

New Capability Will Collect Required Data and Generate Quantitative Portion of Mandated Semi-Annual Reporting Tool Report

RESTON, VA – June 28, 2011 – Mediware Information Systems Inc., the leader in integrated health and human services management, announced today the Harmony for Aging and Adult Services Semi-Annual Reporting Tool (SART), a new reporting add-on option for its market-leading Aging and Disability Resource Center (ADRC) solution that will automatically collect data and generate the quantitative portion of the SART mandated report.

“We are very happy to be adding SART to the Harmony for Aging and Adult Services ADRC solution to help simplify the reporting process for our ADRC customers,” said Joseph Sander, President and Chief Executive Officer for Harmony. “Using SART, our customers are able to automatically gather the data required to generate the mandated report. This allows them to significantly decrease the time it takes to create the report and enables our users to spend more time helping consumers.”

Currently, all ADRC and Community Living Program grantees are required to submit an online Semi-Annual Report with narrative information and an Excel Entry Tool with quantitative information.  SART automates the semi-annual reporting process for ADRCs by gathering data from the Harmony for Aging and Adult Services Information & Referral module and completing the quantitative portion of the report.

Harmony’s market-leading ADRC solution has been deployed in 14 statewide implementations and provides a single point-of-entry for inquirers, while facilitating effective information provision, call tracking, benefits counseling, options counseling, care transitions guidance and efficient access to Long-Term Supports and Services (LTSS). Harmony’s ADRC solution allows for immediate and ongoing collaboration among ADRC providers and partners to maximize outcomes.

The Harmony suite of solutions is the gold standard for aging and adult services organizations throughout the country.  Harmony for Aging and Adult Services is the most widely-used solution in the United States for home- and community-based care and is relied on by the majority of agencies across the national aging network.  For more information about Harmony for Aging and Adult Services, visit:

About Harmony

Mediware Information Systems Inc., (Harmony), the leader in integrated health and human services management, provides comprehensive solutions that enable organizations to manage growing consumer case loads with existing resources. The company’s end-to-end solutions manage the delivery of care for elders and intellectually disabled persons, enabling organizations to maximize outcomes while increasing service delivery efficiency, ensuring compliance with funding requirements, and automating Medicaid waiver processes. Harmony products are used by more than 450 state, local, and private provider human service organizations to manage both traditional and consumer-directed models of service. For more information on Harmony products and solutions, visit or call us at 866.951.2219.

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