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Core23 Cord Blood Bank Automates All Lab Operations with Transtem™ 2014 Software

LENEXA, KS, January 14, 2015 – Mediware Information Systems, Inc. announced today that Core23 BioBank has upgraded to the 2014 version of the Transtem system to fully automate its laboratory operations. The Transtem software provides complete process management from online donor registration through product collection, manufacturing, storage, testing, and release – all within a single Web-based system.

Core23 first installed the Transtem application when they began operating in January 2014. Michael Perry, Core23 director of business development, wanted to utilize the benefits of an automated system from the start, and viewed several solutions.

“The Transtem solution was the most complete and comprehensive system we saw, and the only one flexible enough to fit all of the needs of a cord blood bank,” said Perry. “The all-around impact the Transtem software has had on our business is incredible. From day one, it reduced our startup costs, kept us in a mode of regulatory compliance, and streamlined staff workflow. Our workload with the Transtem software is one-tenth of what it would be if we operated manually. And, most importantly, the time saved allows me to focus on my passion in the cord blood industry.”

Located in Springfield, MO, Core23 BioBank offers public and private cord blood donation services while placing emphasis on advancing the science through research and development. As one of the few programs in the Midwest, Core23 seeks to serve this population and offer families the opportunity to keep their cells close to home. “Each day, I see the life-saving difference cord blood banking can make and it continually motivates me to remain on the forefront of making a difference,” said Perry.

With the Transtem 2014 upgrade, Core23 will eliminate the last of its paper-based processes through completely automated management of donor enrollment processes, collector and facilities management, and enhanced processing workflows. Core23 is currently expanding its market reach and anticipates significant growth over the next 12 months, increasing the demand for automation and systems support. The upgrade will provide Core23 the necessary tools to manage program growth while ensuring its compliance with regulatory standards.

The Transtem software is unique in that it has been designed to support the specialized needs of cord blood banks. Developed by industry professionals, the Transtem solution effectively manages all aspects of cord blood banking, including helping programs increase quality and efficiency, strengthen their regulatory compliance, and reduce costs.

Additional information about the full range of Transtem software capabilities is available online at ( or by emailing

About Mediware’s Transtem Solution

Mediware® is a leading provider of specialized healthcare solutions with more than four decades of experience developing and delivering innovative software designed to improve efficiencies and address safety concerns. Transtem was designed by cellular therapy professionals to provide a comprehensive solution for cell therapy labs, cord blood banks, transplant centers and academic medical centers to collect, process, transfuse and track adult and cord blood stem cells used in the treatment of cancer and blood-related diseases. Transtem’s unique capabilities combine a focus on donors, products and patients to provide a 360-degree view of treatments and outcomes.

About Core23 BioBank

Core 23 BioBank is a hybrid cord blood bank in Springfield, Missouri that combines aspects of both the public and private cord blood banking systems within a 500-mile radius of the bank. The bank provides the Midwest with an easy, safe and secure opportunity to save, or donate, a baby’s umbilical cord blood and cord tissue. As a private cord blood bank, peace-of-mind is provided for families knowing that their baby’s valuable cord blood is safe and secure. As a public cord blood bank, the facility conducts research specializing in identifying and collecting special and rare tissue types and is dedicated to characterization, manufacturing and translational research for transplantation, cell therapies and regenerative medicines. It is the bank’s mission to provide families the opportunity to take part of this new, and proven, modern medicine.

Mediware Contact:
Grace Godsey
(913) 307-1015

Core23 BioBank Contact:
Michael Perry
(877) 286-2323 ext. 8

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