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Mediware® Releases LifeTrak® 2015 Module for Blood Establishments to Include Management of Pathogen Reduction Technology Data

LENEXA, Kan., August 25, 2016  Mediware Information Systems, Inc. is pleased to announce the release of LifeTrak 2015 R2, the first module in the blood establishment computer software (BECS) market to provide the ability for blood centers to capture data related to the use of pathogen reduction (PR) technology.

The PR addition to the LifeTrak Lab – Component Manufacturing module was independently developed in consultation with Cerus Corporation, whose INTERCEPT® Blood System for platelets and plasma is designed to inactivate a wide range of viral, bacterial, and parasitic pathogens that may be present in donated blood. The LifeTrak Lab PR processes are compatible with the INTERCEPT system and can monitor, upload, and check relevant INTERCEPT PR data to aid in data capture and product conformance as a result of the manufacturing controls available in LifeTrak Lab.

“The new LifeTrak module provides our common customers with a means of adding INTERCEPT PR process data to their existing LifeTrak processes,” says Greg Moore, associate director of product management for Cerus Corporation.

Marsha Senter, product manager for LifeTrak, agrees. “We want our LifeTrak customers to be able to easily manage INTERCEPT PR data as part of their overall LifeTrak process control solution,” she explains. “This will partner nicely with the robust manufacturing controls available in LifeTrak Lab.”

Mediware’s LifeTrak software solution, which provide process control systems for the testing and manufacturing of blood products, is web-enabled and highly scalable to support facilities of all sizes. “As the first BECS software to provide these services, LifeTrak Lab’s PR module is a terrific addition to our best-of-breed LifeTrak suite, and we are happy to be able to collaborate with Cerus to help ensure a safe blood supply,” concludes Thomas Mann, Mediware’s president and CEO.

About Mediware Information Systems

Mediware delivers interoperable software systems that improve efficiencies and address safety concerns, enabling healthcare organizations to improve care processes while decreasing costs. Core Mediware solutions include blood management technologies for hospitals and blood centers; cell therapy solutions for cord blood banks, cancer treatment centers and research facilities; medication management solutions for hospitals, behavioral health facilities, infusion and specialty pharmacy providers; performance management solutions for clinical, regulatory and financial aspects of the broader healthcare market; and rehabilitation therapy and respiratory care solutions. For more information about Mediware products and services, visit our website at

About Cerus Corporation

Cerus Corporation is a biomedical products company that specializes in blood transfusion safety. Its INTERCEPT Blood System is designed to reduce the risk of transfusion-transmitted infections by inactivating a broad range of pathogens that may be present in donated blood. The nucleic acid targeting mechanism of action of the INTERCEPT treatment is designed to inactivate established transfusion threats, such as hepatitis B and C, HIV, West Nile virus, and bacteria as well as emerging pathogens such as chikungunya, malaria, and dengue. Cerus currently markets and sells the INTERCEPT Blood System for both platelets and plasma in the United States, Europe, the Commonwealth of Independent States, the Middle East, and selected countries in other regions around the world.

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