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Mediware Acquires AlphaCM, Inc.

Expands Mediware’s footprint in the mental and behavioral health market

LENEXA, KS (May 13, 2015) – Mediware Information Systems, Inc. announced today that it has acquired AlphaCM, Inc., a provider of software and related services to the behavioral and mental health industry. AlphaCM’s solutions help both managed care organizations (MCOs) and providers run more efficiently, manage billing and collections and provide higher quality care.

Mediware acquired AlphaCM to expand its footprint across the continuum of care. “This acquisition broadens Mediware’s solution set and subject matter expertise in the mental health, developmentally disabled and substance abuse markets. AlphaCM’s expertise is a great complement to Harmony, our existing long term services and supports business unit,” said Thomas Mann, President and CEO of Mediware.

Mediware is also looking forward to expanding the success AlphaCM has already achieved with providers and MCOs. A majority of MCOs in North Carolina are using an AlphaCM software solution. “We are excited about the value AlphaCM provides to these MCOs and provider customers. As the demand to provide care outside the hospital grows, MCOs will be able to turn to AlphaCM and Mediware’s complementary software solutions to meet their needs,” stated Mann. “Combining AlphaCM’s proven solutions and expertise with our sales and marketing platform, we expect growth for both AlphaCM and Mediware’s existing products,” continued Mann.

Founded in 2005, the AlphaCM team develops software solutions for the mental health, developmentally disabled and substance abuse sectors to meet state and federal requirements. The AlphaCM products address the behavioral health sector from both sides – provider and payer. “Our dual sided approach provides a unique opportunity to tightly integrate payers and providers. It also provides AlphaCM a unique perspective that shapes product enhancements,” said David Jones, AlphaCM Chief Operating Officer. “We are excited to be aligned with the Mediware platform that provides community services in over 40 states today. I expect the combined AlphaCM and Mediware organization to provide a broader set of software solutions required by states as they work to meet the growing demands in the community services area,” added Jones.

About Mediware
Since 1980, Mediware has provided software solutions to healthcare providers and has since expanded to serve many state and federal agencies. Mediware’s solutions are perfect for high-growth, complex patient care environments that remain underserved by existing vendors. The company employs more than 500 subject matter experts who deeply understand business and care processes in highly specialized acute, non-acute and community-based care settings and have years of experience integrating systems. Mediware’s portfolio of solutions currently includes long term services and supports, blood solutions, cellular therapy, home care, medication management, rehabilitation, and respiratory therapy. For more information about Mediware products and services, visit

About AlphaCM
Since 2005, AlphaCM has focused technical expertise and domain knowledge on developing, implementing, and supporting software solutions and services to ensure the success of mental health and intellectual/developmental disabilities providers and payers. AlphaCM’s skilled professionals are trained in handling multiple electronic payers, full revenue cycle processes, and premier system support. Strong EDI connectivity provides efficiency and integration with a wide range of electronic transactions with insurers. The company’s products are fully HIPAA compliant and meet the highest industry standards and regulatory requirements. For more information, please visit

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