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Centralize operations with the WORx® pharmacy suite

As Mediware’s most robust pharmacy management solution, the WORx Suite is designed for large and complex healthcare environments whose needs demand a fully integrated system that can extend medication knowledge to all areas of the hospital – efficiently and in one place.
From the initial order to final disposition, the WORx Suite’s complex logic, rich features and clinical intelligence minimize your risk while ensuring accuracy. This start-to-finish medication management system provides the ultimate in patient care and safety.

Ensure efficient pharmacy and inventory management

Use WORx at the center of your medication management operations to improve workflow and minimize risk.

  • Longitudinal patient histories
  • Robust inventory management
  • Multi-facility support
  • Pharmacist-to-nurse communication
  • Inpatient, ambulatory and special care
  • Rich clinical decision support with real-time alerts
  • Online adjudication
  • Remote storage and distribution support

Empower your clinicians with a state-of-the-art MAR that enhances patient safety

MediMAR® increases your patients’ safety and decreases your clinicians’ risk at the point of care.

  • Ensure timely pharmacist-to-nurse communication
  • Take advantage of bedside barcode scanning
  • Provide nurses with powerful automated safety checks at the bedside
  • Help ensure the right drugs are given to the right patients in the right way

Free up your physicians’ valuable time

MediCOEstreamlines workflow and improves accuracy, so your clinicians can spend more time with their patients.

  • Provide real-time access of patient profiles to your clinicians
  • Implement up-to-the-minute safety checks, so there’s less risk of error
  • Leverage analytics and decision support tools so you have the information you and your staff need to make the right decisions

For Customers

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