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Why Mediware?

Whether you’re a pharmacist in a large, acute care hospital, an outpatient care provider or a clinician in a behavioral or correctional health facility, safe medication management is, no doubt, at the forefront of your priorities.
Mediware has worked closely with pharmacists in all realms of health care for over 30 years. We bring that unmatched experience to every installation – so you can focus more on patients and medications, and less on paperwork.

Two Solutions – One Provider

Mediware offers two pharmacy solutions: WORx® and Ascend™. Both of these solutions provide all the data and features and connectivity you need to help you work smarter at every stage of the med management process. A single patient database can span your multiple sites – with highly configurable security – to give you full visibility of your entire operation.

  • View the patient’s Inpatient and Outpatient medication therapy across multiple visits in a single, comprehensive patient profile
  • Streamline workflow and productivity with advanced order entry and order management functionality
  • Perform automatic, advanced clinical screening using patient, drug and disease information
  • Maintain and manage inventory for multiple locations, costs and lot number control
  • Add patient safety and dispensing best practices you shouldn’t live without


Interface with other systems

You can integrate with a wide range of systems to eliminate errors and inefficiency caused by duplicate data entry and manual lookups.

  • Seamlessly interface with EMR, CPOE and electronic MAR systems
  • Pass information with most HIS systems
  • Integrate with automated dispensing machines and other dispensing and compounding robotics

Configure the solution to meet your specific needs

Mediware solutions adapt easily to any work environment – even yours!

  • Customize the application screens to fit your role and preferences
  • Automate reports using options and filters for narrow data viewing and reporting
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