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Streamline med management in your IRF or rehab unit

Mediware helps you transition medication management from acute care into your rehab facility and eventually to the home.

Save time with preset workflows designed specifically for inpatient rehab

Ascend™ Pharmacy helps you efficiently and safely meet the unique medication needs of patients in varying states of recovery, so your care professionals can spend more time providing therapy services and less time on paperwork.

  • Manage the patient’s home medication list
  • Document medication administration and patient vitals at the bedside
  • Empower your nurses to coordinate care – the Nursing Dashboard displays activities that need immediate attention like doses due now, late doses, follow-up reminders and nurse comments
  • Manage your list of favorite orders
  • Manage your work list and those of others within your service or practice
  • Efficiently manage transfer and post-op ordering

Safeguard your patients with automated monitoring and alerts

Help ensure that your patients are receiving the right medications in the right doses at the right times.

  • Receive medication administration reminders regarding doses due, late doses, PRN and first-dose follow-up
  • Configure medication administration parameters to ensure safe protocols
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