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Streamline medication management throughout your hospital

Mediware pharmacy solutions are designed for any hospital environment, even yours. They’re scalable to serve your entire enterprise and satellite facilities – giving you a template view of your organization. And they integrate with virtually any major HIS system, linking you more closely with the rest of the care team.

Adapt to the tight timelines, rules and limitations of hospital care

The last thing your care providers need to worry about is regulatory compliance. Mediware solutions ensure your medication management practices are up to JCAHO standards while being highly customizable, conforming easily to the workflow requirements of your facility.

  • Manage the patient’s home medication list
  • Document medication administration at the bedside
  • Document patient vitals
  • Manage your list of favorite orders
  • Manage your worklist and other’s within your service or practice
  • Efficiently manage Transfer and Post-Op ordering

Use workflows designed for outpatient care and billing

Many HIS solutions treat outpatient functions as an afterthought. Mediware delivers the specialized functions you need.

  • Receive and process electronic prescriptions, and send refill requests
  • Maximize reimbursement through sophisticated claim processing and A/R reporting
  • Easily stay in compliance by exporting controlled substance data

Generate new insights with detailed reports and vivid dashboards

Have the right information at your fingertips with Mediware’s advanced management tools. Keep vital information at the forefront so important tasks never fall through the cracks.

  • Customize and automate reports using options and filters for narrow data viewing and reporting
  • Quickly identify medication activities that need immediate attention like doses due now, late doses, follow-up reminders and nurse-to-nurse communication with a nursing dashboard

Keep your patients safe with automated alerts and monitoring

Help ensure that the right medication is given to the right patient at the right time.

  • Receive medication administration reminders regarding doses due, late doses, PRN and First Dose follow-up
  • Configure medication administration parameters to ensure patient safety
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