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Smiling young female doctor working at the clinic reception, she is using a computer and writing medical reports

Adapt your med management to the unique needs of a prison population

Mediware pharmacy solutions solve the unique problems you face in correctional health, where you must deal with unusually high levels of patient resistance to treatment, concerns and peer interference. Ascend™ Pharmacy from Mediware addresses these challenges and more.

Maintain security without compromising care

Ascend helps you efficiently and safely meet the medication needs of your inmates. Specially designed features support the vital roles of your guards, nurses, physicians and pharmacists.

  • Track medication pickup
  • Manage the specifics of keep-on-person (KOP) medications
  • Update personnel on inmates due to receive medications
  • Help nurses and pharmacists document inmate medication compliance
  • Integrate with your jail information management system (JIMS)

Enhance patient compliance with automated clinical tools

Mediware offers you powerful patient compliance features to help ensure that the right medication is given to the right patient at the right time.

  • Implement intelligent clinical rules involving patient, drug, lab and other data
  • Provide real-time clinical screening
  • Create complex tapering medication orders with advanced order management tools
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