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Discover the med management system flexible enough for your facility

Your hospital pharmacy is on the front lines in the fight for the best and safest medication management solution. Ascend™ Pharmacy equips your organization for safe medication management with highly customizable features ideal for specialized settings. So whether your environment is large and complex or small and nimble, Ascend provides you with the rich and powerful tools you need.

Manage all your medication delivery with one powerful tool

You can rest easy knowing that your patients are getting the right medication at the right time in the right dosage–all within your pharmacy system.

  • Comprehensive safety checks
  • Robust clinical alerts
  • Sophisticated tracking and screening

Track your patients through the continuum of care with patient-centric profiles

You can easily track your patients anywhere in your health system — with frequent safety checks and alerts that let you know about potential problems before they happen.

  • Unique patient identification capabilities
  • Longitudinal tracking
  • Integrated data exchange
  • Automatic lab tracking and checks for interactions or contraindications

Reduce costly errors with robust pharmacy management logic

With Ascend, you can manage your operations with less stress. Our “fill and bill” approach to pharmacy management requires multiple checks throughout the process to confirm you are filling a payable prescription.

  • Automated dispensing, labeling and delivery functions
  • Advanced workflow automation tools
  • Lot tracking
  • Advanced order prep

Maximize your revenue with built-in financial controls

Ascend delivers the insights and visibility you need to make sound financial and management decisions.

  • Simplify third-party insurance billing and claims processing
  • Automate accounts receivable
  • Gain in-depth financial reporting

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