Implementation Services: Working Hand-in-Hand With Our Customers To Ensure Success

Implementing new solutions doesn’t have to be an overwhelming process. Mediware’s professional services organization helps you get the most out of your Harmony solutions and maximize your return on investment.

Mediware employs a structured implementation process that has been refined through continuous quality improvement. Our goal is to streamline your implementation process and make your transition to a new system as smooth as possible.

Mediware’s proven methodology is designed for flexibility to support a range of implementation considerations and service relationships. Our approach is to gather and manage system requirements, identify and comply with best practices, configure the systems as rapidly as possible, and build consensus along the way.

Mediware team members partner with you throughout the implementation life cycle, providing a variety of services, including advisory-level project management and specialized consulting in areas such as functional processes, program application, technical direction, reporting, data analysis, and training.

Technical Services

Data Conversion

Knowing detailed information about the consumers you serve is critical to meeting individual care needs. Your consumer data may be located in disparate software products or in paper-based systems. Mediware’s technical services team can help you move data from your existing systems into your Harmony product to give you a complete perspective on the consumers you serve.

System Integration

Harmony software is designed to integrate with the other systems you currently use to facilitate information sharing. Our experienced technical services team can help you create system interfaces to create streamlined business processes and break down information silos.