Comprehensive View of Each Consumer across All Available Funding Sources

State, Local, and County Agencies

State and local agencies have a significant impact on ensuring access to high-quality long-term care for vulnerable adults within their communities. From securing funding to monitoring the quality of care to providing consumers with access to information on available services, state and local agencies serve a vital role throughout the entire continuum of care.Broad responsibilities create significant management challenges for state and local agencies, particularly in the absence of automated workflow solutions. Some of those responsibilities include:

Creating and managing long-term care budgets

  • Enforcing program and eligibility guidelines to ensure consistent care
  • Generating reports for federal, state, and funding-source-specific compliance
  • Allocating money to agencies and providers and determining which services to offer
  • Maintaining and distributing standard assessments
  • Implementing resource centers and creating single points of entry
  • Managing contractual relationships with providers for a wide variety of services
  • Conducting consumer assessments or subcontracting to providers
  • Determining eligibility, creating plans of care, and generating service orders
  • Scheduling, delivering, and recording services or subcontracting to providers
  • Ensuring that data is collected in accordance with federal and state models
  • Investigating complaints and reports of abuse
  • Efficiently Optimizing Outcomes with Workflow Automation

With this complex set of responsibilities, limited budgets, and increasing demand, state and local agencies often find it challenging to manage everything. Harmony’s purpose-built solutions for home – and community-based long-term care are used by more than 35 states and hundreds of county and local agencies to help them more efficiently deliver services that optimize outcomes and take advantage of all available funding sources.

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