Collaboration to Reduce Administrative Tasks and Shorten Reimbursement Timelines

Service Providers

In order to keep consumers living safely in their residences, a complex set of social supports and services is often required. Long-term care service providers deliver the supports necessary to keep adults in their communities through a varied array of in-home services.

Service provider organizations providing in-home care are often challenged to work as efficiently as possible due to the fact that they have to work upstream with state and local agencies and downstream with family caregivers in order to optimize the care delivered. Key responsibilities include:

  • Maintaining contractual relationships with local agencies to deliver services
  • Providing data for funding source compliance
  • Receiving and logging service orders and authorizations
  • Scheduling, delivering, and recording services
  • Communicating and collaborating with family caregivers
  • Managing payments for services

Harmony helps service providers more efficiently manage and collaborate with state and local agencies, managed care organizations, caregivers, and care recipients. Harmony enables the collaborative care team by connecting all entities through a single web-based platform. For providers, the result is real-time data access, decreased administrative overhead through reduction of manual tasks, shorter reimbursement timelines, and a more engaged caregiver community.

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