Data-Driven Policy Decisions That Balance Care Quality with Costs

Federal Agencies

As key members of the community of care, federal agencies are tasked with improving access to long-term care in the most cost-effective way possible. Collaborating with state and local agencies is critical to building an infrastructure to meet the needs of the rapidly growing senior and disabled populations.

Faced with significant demand and very tight budgets, federal organizations work to create programs and funding sources that optimize use of available resources to provide supports to the citizens who critically need them. However, for policy makers, access to accurate and reliable data on outcomes, populations served, local budgets, and more is challenging given a complex human services ecosystem and a dearth of data standards. With access to federated national intelligence about long-term care in this country, the federal government can ensure that financial resources invested in long-term care programs are doing the most good.

Standard and Reliable Metrics to Benchmark Performance

Harmony helps federal agencies collaborate with state and local agencies by enabling them to establish standardized reporting methodologies and processes. Armed with better intelligence through Harmony solutions, federal, state, and local agencies are able to leverage critical insight into consumer populations being served and program effectiveness. By leveraging uniform metrics, the federal government is better equipped to understand what needs are not being met, clearly see which states are struggling the most to provide adequate long-term care, and determine the best approach to cost-effectively meet the needs of this population.

With Harmony, federal agencies no longer need to worry about accuracy of data and instead can focus their efforts on using business intelligence to create actions that improve access to long-term supports and services.

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