Involved Family Caregivers Drive Better Service Quality and Lower Costs

Caregivers and Consumers

With more than 40 million adults regularly providing assistance to family members and other consumers in a given year, caregivers represent the largest group of people involved in the delivery of home- and community-based long-term care. And with more than 80 percent of these caregivers providing social assistance with no direct compensation, it’s fair to say that the long-term care system in the United States could not function without them.

While the caregiving community is extremely large, it is typically informally organized. Family-based care teams often struggle to work effectively with one another because they are geographically dispersed and struggle to coordinate care between family members and service providers. Many family caregivers report a high degree of frustration due to a lack of communication between family members and care planners.

Engaged Caregivers Improve Outcomes and Decrease Costs

Harmony connects caregivers directly with service providers and care managers to create a truly collaborative care team. Through Harmony’s web-based platform, caregivers can interact and collaborate directly with service providers, care planners, and other family members via web browser. Care teams can review service schedules, monitor services delivered, and communicate directly with care planners. The result is a more engaged caregiving team, which helps to improve outcomes and lowers the administrative costs borne by agencies, counties, and other payers.

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