Agencies, Providers, Family Members, and Consumers Collaborate to Efficiently Deliver the Highest Care Quality

Everyone Collaborating Around One Consumer View – in Real-Time

It is estimated that between 10 million and 12 million Americans need long-term care. This number will continue to rise, while budgets and resources are expected to stagnate.

To meet the increased demand for high-quality long-term care services and to make sure that each dollar spent does the most good, it is critical that government agencies, managed care organizations, service providers, and family caregivers work together as efficiently as possible.

Harmony’s solutions are designed to create a collaborative community of care. By connecting public and private entities directly with family members and care recipients, the community is able to optimize the quality of care using available resources.

Everyone Collaborating Around One Consumer View

Customers Caregivers Service Providers Managed Care Organizations State & Local Agencies Federal Agencies

Harmony empowers each member to maximize his or her role within the community through access to real-time information and workflow automation to optimize outcomes and minimize the resources needed to deliver long-term care.


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