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Each year, millions of consumers receive a wide variety of social services directly in their homes and communities. Many of these long-term care supports and services—including congregate nutrition services, home-delivered meals, and community service employment—are funded by the Older Americans Act (OAA), which was established specifically to ensure the well-being and dignity of older citizens. The OAA, through a national aging network comprising state-level agencies, area agencies on aging (AAAs), service providers, and tribal organizations, works collaboratively to provide home- and community-based social services to older Americans.

One of the requirements of the OAA is the preparation of the National Aging Program Information System (NAPIS) state program reports, including annual reports and quarterly American Recovery and Reinvestment Act reports. Submitted at the state level, NAPIS report preparation requires that all members of the national aging network report basic information about program performance, consumer demographics, and delivered service and expenditures. For many organizations, particularly those at the state level, the aggregation and preparation of this report can be incredibly time consuming, often resulting in late or inaccurate report submissions.

NAPIS Reports Made Easy

Mediware simplifies cross-agency data sharing and streamlines NAPIS report generation, automatically creating error-free reports. Used by more than half of all agencies in the national aging network, Mediware is the proven solution for managing service delivery to elder consumers and automating NAPIS reporting data aggregation to quickly and easily comply

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