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Medicaid waiver programs, such as the Home- and Community-Based Care Waiver Section 1915(c), were established to provide alternative care options to the traditional institution-based delivery model. As the number of consumers requiring social services continues to climb, lower-cost service delivery models, such as home- and community-based support services, are increasingly being leveraged to lower the cost of care per consumer while improving consumer satisfaction and allowing care recipients to stay in their homes and community. For most states, these programs are primarily funded by Medicaid through a federal matching program.

With many states operating under budget deficits, the need to optimize the use of all funding streams, federal Medicaid in particular, has never been more critical. However, for many states, complicated Medicaid eligibility determination and claims processing present a significant impediment to fully utilizing available federal matching funds.

Supports How You Serve Consumers and Manage Claims

To help states meet the varied needs of consumers receiving services in their homes and communities, Harmony provides industry leading case and financial management solutions combined with CMS-ready, HIPAA-compliant claims submissions. Harmony enables organizations to take control of Medicaid waiver processes, automating the consumer tracking and claims creation workflow while better serving the needs of a growing number of consumers.

SAMS Case Management
SAMS Case Management
Money Follows the Person
Money Follows the Person

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