Consumer-Centric Coordination of Services Improves Outcomes

Eliminate Your Information Silos and Collaborate Around a Single Consumer Record

Agencies and providers of social services are responsible for delivering a complex combination of programs that are supported by diverse funding sources.  Too often, social services lack the comprehensive consumer view needed to optimize outcomes and care workers spend too much time completing paperwork instead of delivering services.

Automation to Enable Comprehensive, Consumer-Centric Care and Reduce Administrative Burden

Social services organizations need new approaches for managing large case loads, burdensome paperwork, and complex processes and licensure regulations to follow.  Harmony is an end-to-end, integrated case management system that helps ensure optimal outcomes through consumer-centric care.

With Harmony, you can:

  • Manage multiple program areas from within a single integrated system to maintain a comprehensive client record
  • Design standard workflows that ensure standard, consistent delivery of services
  • Comprehensively track the entire continuum of care
  • Seamlessly track all consumers receiving local, state, or federally-funded services
  • Easily generate outcome measurement reports
  • Automate funding source reporting requirements to reduce errors and decrease the time needed to complete them

Purpose-built for Multi-program Organizations

Harmony is widely used to manage diverse programs, including:

  • Child and family services such as foster care, adoption, and at risk youth
  • Family services offered in residential settings, group homes, in-home services, and services in educational settings
  • Behavioral health services covering mental health services like community support and outpatient programs
  • Substance abuse services such as methadone maintenance, short and long term detox, outpatient programs, residential and group homes, jail based services, and prevention activities.

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